ssSSHHSSss Acoustic Blade

Better Lighting – Less Distractions – Greater Productivity 
Lighting & acoustics are the basic factors off space planning. The planned complete solution combines the required performance into one system, According to space requirements, all lamps and acoustic components can be flexibly placed and expanded. The existing lighting system of 54 Lighting can also be supplemented by the corresponding series of acoustic components. At the same time, the system solution allows the light body and the sound body to be assembled separately, so that at the end of the construction phase and in the already arranged room, the dust sensitive acoustic components can be optimally arranged. To create the best lighting conditions and a pleasant working atmosphere, space acoustics should be considered in the early stages od the planning process, because the product and its location in the room are of utmost importance.

Product values

Acoustic lighting panels are made from recycled  PET material. Its manufactured using a thermoformed tech resulting a light weight, high density compressed polyester acoustic panel or title designed to control unwanted noise as well as provide a decorative function.
PET is a green product manufactured free of added chemicals, binders, adhesives and dyes. The products is very adaptable, it can be cut, notched or timed for installation purpose.
Nearley every environment interacts with sound, PET can achieve a triple purpose-functionally acoustic in nature, enhanced design of any space and environmental consciousness.